Why players are hitting their peak in their 30s

In the last few years players that are 30 and over have been dominant around the world. Players like Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Salah and Modric are just some examples of players who are over 30 and succeeding. It was not like this ten years ago Ronaldinho’s prime was over in 2008 and Kaka lost his touch when he turned 31 not scoring as much. In fact the last seven best players winners were 30 and over. Even Fernando Torres’s prime only lasted until 28. Futbol Mundial brings you some of the best players who are over 30.

Benzema loving the game at 35

In 2022 Karim Benzema was given the ballondor for his amazing performances with Real Madrid. The French striker netted 44 goals and made 12 assists. Some would say he single handedly guided Real Madrid to the Champions League final by scoring against PSG, Chelsea and City. Also Real Madrid is a team full of great midfielders such as Modric, Casemiro and Kroos. All they need is someone who is a good finisher and Benzema fits perfectly in system. Part of the reason for Benzema’s success could be down to the fact that Ronaldo left as he is now one of the main focuses at Real Madrid. Benzema has scored 137 goals in the space of four seasons since Ronaldo’s departure. Benzema also managed to pick up the top scorer for the Champions League with 15 goals this season.

Messi has the world at his feet at 35

Lionel Messi is a perfect example of someone over 30 who is still delivering the goods. Messi won two ballondors while he was over 30 at the age of 32 and 34. He has scored 14 goals and assisted 14 for PSG returning to good form after last season. Also he has scored 11 goals in nine games for Argentina and looks determined to continue defying his age. Messi also guided Argentina to their first Copa America win in 28 years. The following year he then went onto win the Finallisima and then the trophy that had eluded him for so long. He went onto win the best player of the World Cup for his two goals during the final. Messi has proved time and time again that age is just a number for football players.

Modric continues to impress at his age

The Croatian was the first player to end the Messi & Ronaldo ballondor run as he won the award at 33. Modric helped Croatia reach the final of the World Cup and helped them win the UCL. Luka Modric continues to inspire Real Madrid as they won the UCL last year as well as the La Liga. The Croatian averages about 58 passes per game with a 91% pass completion rate. Modric guided Croatia to a 3rd place finish in the World Cup. He guided Croatia to a victory against Brazil being one of the biggest shocks of the World Cup. The Croatian will face Liverpool in a few weeks and will hope to guide them to another Champions League victory.

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