What to expect for PSG vs the Champions League favorites Bayern

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Will Messi & co be match fit

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When you play a big match against a potential Champions League favorite like  Bayern you need all your star players at your disposal. Verratti, Messi and Mbappe have all made an early recovery for this clash and PSG will need all the help they can get. It is a major boost as Messi and Mbappe are the main parts of PSG’s attack. Bayern will now have to improve upon their 1-1 draw with Leipzig if they are to defend the trident of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar. 

How Bayern could exploit PSG

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PSG go into this clash in shaky form as they lost their last two games  against Marseille and Monaco. They will want to quickly put that behind them if they are to get a big win against the German Champions. If PSG are to put themselves in a good position ahead of the next match they are going to have to be good in defense and midfield. Despite PSG being one of the best teams they struggle with their midfield and defense which is something Bayern have the upper hand on. Despite Messi, Mbappe and Verratti being in training it is still uncertain that they would be 100% fit and Bayern could exploit that. Verratti is their best midfielder and will be be hoping to get the green light on his match fitness. 

How PSG could exploit Bayern

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Despite having a lot to be worried about ahead if this clash PSG also have a lot to be confident about regarding their attack. Messi has 15 goals and 14 assists, Neymar has 12 assists and 16 goals whilst Mbappe has 20 goals and 5 assists. This attack is arguably the deadliest attack in the whole of Europe. Bayern’s defenders Upamecano and De Ligt can be quite cumbersome and De Ligt can be slow so PSG could definitely exploit that. However with Kimmich and Goretzka as holders in the Bayern midfield PSG may be punished by just one good chance. PSG should also watch out for Sane and Musiala who also are a dangerous threat. These two sides met in 2021 where PSG got the better of Bayer and Bayern will now be more motivated to get a result.

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