Venezia FC unveiled a state of art official photo


Venezia FC unveiled the official photos of their 2022/23 First Team, taken at the Doge’s Palace by Italian international photographer and rising star Francis Delacroix, author of iconic images for celebrities, notables and cultural personalities.

Taken with the photographer’s familiar analog format, the shot aims to convey what the iconic football team on the lagoon represents, uniting the football universe with that of Venetian tradition and culture, a unique combination in one of the most beautiful cities.

FC Venezia 800x800 - Venezia FC unveiled a state of art official photo

The team has in fact been immortalized in front of Italian Renaissance artist Tintoretto’s masterpiece «Il Paradiso», a work created by Venice’s most prolific painter identified closely with the Venetian workshop between 1588 and 1592. The painting is located inside the Doge’s Palace in the Chamber of the Great Council, one of the symbols of the city, as well as the place where the most important government assemblies of the Venetian State were held.

In this case, Delacroix’s creativity and vision provide a new voice to one of the great themes of all art, the dualism between the human and the divine dominating the main hall of the Doge’s Palace. The photographer achieves this by bringing together the human element represented by the Venezia players, as a symbol of one of man’s earthly faiths, football, together with the divine, represented by Tintoretto’s painting.

By choosing to shoot a sports subject like Venezia FC for the first time, the Italian photographer Delacroix creates an innovative and contemporary cultural approach, which translates into the club’s unique mission and multi-dimensional brand identity that transcends the world of football.

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