Mbappé explodes on Instagram after Real Madrid


https://www.futbolmundial.com/ Kylian Mbappé has seen his Instagram skyrocket by over 3 million after officially completing his move to Real Madrid

The experts at QR Code Generator analysed the Instagram profiles of Mbappé and Real Madrid following the huge transfer announcement on Monday, 3rd June.  

Mbappé’s Instagram following shot up by 3,073,266 in just three days,

Mbappé’s Instagram following shot up by 3,073,266 in just three days, while Real Madrid’s official account experienced a rise of 864,613 on the day of the announcement and an extra 202,188 the following day (4th June).  

These figures bring Mbappe’s Instagram following to over 117 million, the highest of any player at the club, and more than double that of Vinicius Jr’s 47.7 million followers. 

In the 24 hours following Mbappe’s transfer announcement, the French forward has also gained 250,232 followers on X, formerly known as Twitter.  

Marc Porcar, CEO of QR Code Generator PRO S.L, commented on the social media analysis: “One of the biggest names in football joining arguably the greatest club team in the world makes perfect sense. Following their incredible 15th Champions League win, Madrid’s status as Europe’s footballing powerhouse has already shown incredible growth in Mbappé’s popularity. It will be interesting to see how his status grows within world football as he tries to grab that elusive Champions League and Ballon d’Or during his time at Madrid.” 

Sources: Social Blade