Uruguay destroy Bolivia

https://www.futbolmundial.com/ Uruguay deployed its offensive power and beat Bolivia, 5-0 to close the second day of group C, however, due to the early victory, in a surprising way by Panama over the host, the United States, the Charrúas have not yet They tie up their qualification and the Bolivians still. They are not eliminated.

Uruguay’s start was electrifying: with a speed of play greater than that of Bolivia, the team led by Marcelo Bielsa dominated the ball from the beginning and opened the game before ten minutes: at 8′, a frontal cross from outside from the area was headed by Ronald Araujo on the left towards the center and Pellistri sent it to the net, with a header inside the six-yard box.

And without waiting as long as he did against Panama, Darwin Núñez got on the scoreboard again: a quick play on the left ended with Maxi Araújo opening the pass and with the Liverpool striker finishing hard with his left foot at the post of the goal. They were 22 minutes in and La Celeste was winning 2 to 0.

Uruguay deployed its offensive power and beat Bolivia

A faulty start in the middle of the field by Uruguay could have ended in the goal of the tournament: Carmelo Algañaraz grabbed it from the middle of the field and the ball went close.

At the start of the second half, Uruguay lowered the intensity, dedicated themselves to moving the ball without much depth while La Verde did not worry Rochet’s goal.

Facundo Pellistri was close to scoring the third with a shot inside the six-yard box and without a goalkeeper, but the forward could not hit the ball.

But in the last fifteen minutes the Celeste unleashed: Maximiliano Araújo, at 77′, after a good assist from Nicolás de la Cruz, and one on one with the goalkeeper he managed to score for the second time in the tournament.

And the fourth for Bielsa’s team also arrived: Federico Valverde connected with a pass behind Pellistri and scored from the corner to extend the Uruguayan victory in New Jersey.

It would not be the last: with a header, at 89′, Rodrigo Bentancur would score 5-0 for the Bielsa team over the Zago team.

Uruguay added another 3 points and was on the verge of qualifying for the Quarterfinals.

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