United Premier Soccer League – National Finals 

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United Premier Soccer League Preview:

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Four of the best pro development teams in the United States face off against each other this week. The final that is happening this year is set to take place on Friday August 5th at the Columbus Crew Stadium. Columbus Crew Stadium is also set to host the National Finals on Sunday. The United Soccer Premier League is the 4th tier competition of American football. However it is the largest pro-development soccer league in North America. This league has over 400 adult men and women’s teams in 30 different conferences across the country.

How the teams go into this match

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Beaman United goes into this game having played 10 games winning 8, drawing 1 and losing 1. Queensboro go into this match playing 10 winning 8, drawing 1 and losing 1 as well. The results of both teams shows that game 1 will be a classic match between two teams with the same record. However Beaman United edge Queensboro as they have 53 goals and Queensboro have 38. For Beaman United their top scorer is Aryk Hernandez with 14. For Queensboro Jonathan Santillan leads the way with 12 goals. Orange County FC go into this match playing 11 matches winning 8, losing 1 and drawing 3. Orange County FC scored a total of 42 goals and their top goal scorer is Jose Montes de Oca with 11 goals. Their rivals Dodge City Toros come into this match having played 10 in which they won 6, drew 3 and lost 1.


In game 1 where Beaman United takes on Queensboro both teams go into this match in equally good form. However Beaman United edges it slightly as they have scored 53 goals to Queensboro’s 38. The second game Orange County edge the game against Dodge City Toros as they won more games and scored more goals as they have 42. Whereas Dodge City Toros scored 35. Based of this analysis Beaman United will win the whole thing based of their recent form and Orange County FC will join them in the final. Regardless of who makes it to the final all teams will all have one more game to play. Aryk Hernandez has 14 goals and he will be fired up to add to his tally in the next two matches.

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