How age of star players can affect clubs

Clubs with players over 30 may want to consider replacements soon

Many great clubs in Europe like to buy players that are under 30 years of age because they end up lasting longer. When it comes to the best teams the more younger your players are the more likely you are to have a squad that lasts longer. Despite players 30 and over proving their quality in recent years they become less reliable simply because of their age. It also makes them more prone to injuries. Also younger players are quicker and less likely to get injured. Futbol Mundial brings you the oldest and youngest teams in Europe and where they currently stand.

Arsenal’s young squad has helped them rebuild the club

Arsenal has one of the youngest squads not only in Europe but also they have the youngest squad in the premier league. They have an average age of 24.4 with the likes of Saka, Martinelli, Smith Rowe and others. Many believe that this is the reason for a lot of their recent success considering the fact that a lot of their squad is under 25. The oldest player at Arsenal is Jorginho who is 31. Arsenal academy grown players and young squad age will help them succeed for many years to come. Arsenal is a team that tries not to invest in players too old because then they do not last. 

A young undelivering team

PSG comes in second which is a surprise considering they have Ramos, Neymar and Messi. Most of their talented youngsters are yet to make big name for themselves yet. The only exception of PSG youngsters that have caught the eye of the media are Mbappe and Hakimi who both made it further than the quarter finals this past World Cup. In recent seasons PSG has proven that no matter how good the players are that they have they cannot seem to play as a team. This may affect the careers of players who are still in their youth like Mbappe, Hakimi and others. The latter may want to consider playing for a different club before they get too old and cannot achieve what they want.

They both may have high age averages but they are still the best in Europe

One that may come as a surprise too many or may go unnoticed are the squads of Real Madrid and Man City. Manchester City have one of the oldest squads not only in Europe but in the premier league having the sixth oldest squad. The sky blues have an average age squad of 26.7 something that may make them want to start looking for replacements in the near future. With the likes of Gundogan, Mahrez and De Bruyne, Walker being over 31 Man City may need to look at younger options. Real Madrid is another top team with players that are aging quick. The likes of Modric, Benzema, Nacho and Kroos are all over 31 making the average squad age 27.3. Despite latter still delivering they may want to consider other options in two seasons so they can fill their positions

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