Football teams with the most hooligans, West Ham United at the top

https://www.futbolmundial.com/ New research has analysed the football teams with the most hooligans, with West Ham United taking the top spot.  

Online casino JeffBet.com analysed data from the Home Office to determine the number of arrests per team from the EFL Championship and Premier League between 2019 – 2023.   

West Ham United taking the top spot

Rank Football Club Total Arrests From 2019-2023 
West Ham United 214 
Manchester United 178 
Manchester City 171 
Leeds United 165 
Leicester City 135 
Birmingham City 130 
Everton 125 
Tottenham Hotspur 121 
Millwall 117 
10 Chelsea 112 

West Ham United ranks top of the list, with a total of 214 arrests from 2019 to 2023. The most common reason for the arrests was public disorder, which includes offences such as intimidating and threatening the opposing team; in total, 74 West Ham fans were arrested for this. Other prominent reasons for arrests included violent disorder, which accounted for 54 arrests, and throwing missiles, which amounted to 39 arrests.  

Manchester United is second on the list, with 178 arrests. Violent disorder was a common cause for the arrests, which involves harming others and threatening the safety of an individual – 37 Manchester United fans were arrested for this offence. Other prominent offences included pitch incursion, which accounted for 18 arrests, and the possession of Class-A drugs, which totalled 16 arrests.  

Ranking third on the list is Manchester City, with a total of 171 arrests. Public disorder was the most common cause of arrest, accounting for 49 in total. Other recurring offences included pitch incursion and the possession of pyrotechnics, which both amounted to 18 arrests. Racist or indecent chanting was another reason why Manchester City fans were arrested, with a total of 10 fans arrested for this offence.  

Leeds United is fourth on the list, with 165 arrests. Public disorder was the main reason for arrest, with a total of 58 fans arrested for this offence. Other significant offences included violent disorder, which accounted for 37 arrests, and throwing missiles, which was the reason for 13 arrests. The study also found that 22 Leeds fans were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  

Leicester City places fifth, with a total of 135 arrests. A prominent offence involved throwing missiles, which accounted for a total of 10 arrests, as well as the possession of pyrotechnics, with a total of 9 arrests.  

Ranking sixth on the list is Birmingham City, with 130 arrests. The study reveals that the leading cause of arrest was violent disorder, with a total of 54 Birmingham City fans arrested for this offence. Another key reason for arrest involved fans driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which accounted for a total of 12 arrests.  

Everton places seventh on the list, with a total of 125 arrests. One of the main causes for arrest was pitch incursion, which amounted to 20 arrests. Other significant offences included throwing missiles and the possession of pyrotechnics, which both accounted for 18 arrests.  

Tottenham Hotspur is eighth on the list, with 121 arrests. Violent disorder was a reoccurring cause for arrest, with a total of 37 Tottenham fans arrested for this offence. The study also revealed that 10 Tottenham fans were arrested for throwing missiles.  

Placing ninth on the list is Millwall, with 117 arrests. One of the main causes for arrest was violent disorder, with a total of 39 arrests. The study also found that Millwall fans were commonly arrested for throwing missiles, with a total of 11 arrests.  

Chelsea ranks tenth on the list, with a total of 112 arrests. A common offence included the act of throwing missiles, with a total of 14 Chelsea fans arrested for this offence. Another prominent offence involved fans driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which accounted for 11 arrests.  

The study reveals that a total of 5,223 football fans were arrested from 2019 to 2023 – excluding the arrests from international games.  Interestingly, the leading cause of arrest was public disorder, with 1,849 cases.  

A spokesperson from JeffBet.com has commented on the study: “It’s fascinating to survey the number of fans arrested per team, but it’s disheartening to see the amount of violence that occurs during football games. It’s particularly dismaying for young fans, who may be put off going to matches for this reason. 

“Sadly, violence has become a normalised part of football. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to see a decrease in the amount of violence associated with the sport.”  

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Data from the Home Office was analysed to examine the number of arrests per football team from 2019-2023, excluding the data from international teams.  

The link to the original data set can be found here: ‘Football-related arrest statistics’ :https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/football-banning-orders