WORLD CUP: Unpleasant moments

(www.futbolmundial.com).- The World Cup give us moments of joy but also unpleasant surprises and scandals.

Here are some of these events that have remained in the memory and that have even prevented teams from aspiring to a World Cup, here is the first part.

«Pibe» Valderrama of the worst looks in the World Cup

Pibe Valderrama 800x498 - WORLD CUP: Unpleasant moments
Colombian Valderrama was one of the most cerebral players on the court, but he is remembered for his hairstyle

Carlos Alberto Valderrama, better known as «El Pibe» is one of the most renowned Colombian players, one of the masterminds in that historic win against Argentina at the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires prior to the 1994 World Cup.

He participated in three soccer World Cups, Italy 90, USA 94 and France 98, but he is best remembered for his peculiar hair that always characterized him but not always well received by critics.

France 2010, Anelka and Domenech insults

Anelka Domenech 800x533 - WORLD CUP: Unpleasant moments
Nicolas Anelka was pushed aside by Domenech in South Africa 2010. Photo: AP

The relationship between the French players and their coach Raymond Domenech was not the best, especially with the elements of color, the fracture came to light with the lawsuit with the player Nicolas Anelka.

France was coming off a disappointing performance in the 2006 final, another event that went down in World Cup history, and this time they hit rock bottom again.

John Terry and a love triangle

Terry 1 800x533 - WORLD CUP: Unpleasant moments
The triangle caused by John Terry is one of the most remembered in English football. Photo: Special

England captain John Terry made an oversight: it’s one thing to cheat on your wife; another is to wear it with a teammate’s girlfriend.

The woman was the girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, who left the English team after knowing the scoundrel. Fabio Capello, the England coach, stripped Terry of the World Cup captaincy for this fact, something that is also on the World Cup record.

Cristiano Ronaldo headbutted Wayne Rooney in 2006

Cristiano 3 800x565 - WORLD CUP: Unpleasant moments
In the Germany 2006 quarter-final between Portugal and England, Ronaldo embarrassed Wayne Rooney who was his «friend» and a Manchester United teammate. Photo: AP

During the 2006 World Cup quarter-final stage, England vs. Portugal. Two stars facing each other: Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, who otherwise played for the same club, Manchester United. In fact, they were very close. But a World Cup is a World Cup, damn it.

In the annals of the World Cups it will remain that in the quarterfinals Portugal threw England out on penalties but Ronaldo influenced a direct red card to Rooney. They took a long time to forgive Cristiano.

2006:Zidane’s famous headbutt on Materazzi

Zidane 2 800x604 - WORLD CUP: Unpleasant moments

In the World Cups there is always an event that remains recorded and even more so when it is in a final, as was the final in Germany 2006 between Italy and France, with the victory on penalties for the Azzurri.

But unforgettable was Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt on Marco Materazzi, who had grown tired of the constant fouls and verbal attacks from the Italian who achieved his mission, that the Frenchman would lose his head.

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